Varanasi Kashivishwanath Dham latest update. During this covid time construction work is going on in Kashivishwanath Coridor | 65% work completed, 650 workers are engaged in two shifts day and night even in lockdown; Aim to complete the work by August this year

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Varanasi13 minutes ago

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Day and night work is going on in Kashi Corridor.

In the Corona period where the world is fighting infection. At the same time, the work of rejuvenation of Kashi has not stopped. Even during the transition period, 650 workers are working day and night in two shifts. The target is to complete the work by August 2021.

The construction work of Kashi Vishwanath Dham has gained momentum. The form of Dham is now slowly taking shape. The work of the temple square is now in progress. The aura of pink stones is now visible to the visitors. The beauty of carved stones is also emerging. The stones of Baleshwar are now adorned on the walls of the buildings of the Dham region.

Historical documents will be in front of the world
The historical document of the temples of Manimala in PM Narendra Modi’s Dream Project Shri Kashi Vishwanath Dham will be in front of the country and the world. A three-member team of the Temple Survey of Archeology Department (ASI) Bhopal started preparing the historical documents of ancient temples found in Dham. In addition to the history of ancient temples found in the project, their antiquity, specialty and information related to the builder of the temples is being collected. More than 60 small and big temples have been found in 300 buildings purchased for the construction of Kashi Vishwanath Dham.

Work is going on on 19 buildings
Artisans, engineers and laborers are engaged in shaping the dham in 5.3 lakh square feet amidst heavy security inside the high tin walls erected on the banks of Shri Kashi Vishwanath Dham. 24 buildings will be built from the temple complex to the Ganges Ghat. Out of this, work is underway on 19 buildings. The construction of the temple complex, temple chowk, refreshment center, guest house, passenger facility center, museum, spiritual book center, Mumukshu Bhavan Hospital has started in this.

Part of the temple chowk will be built in C sep. Goddess Ganga can be seen directly from here. Executive Engineer Sanjay Gore said that 650 workers are working continuously in two shifts. Kashi Vishwanath Dham is being constructed at a cost of 345.27 crores. The project will be completed by August 2021.

The building will be earthquake resistant, two lakh people will be able to visit
Brass plates are being used to maintain the strength of the wall of the main temple complex even in the event of earthquake and landslide. A 12-inch gulli is being attached to the six-inch-wide V-shaped and 18-inch-long brass plates weighing 600 grams. Gulli also weighs around 400 grams. Special types of chemical lapax ultrafics are being used to fill the empty space between brass and stones. After the construction of Kashi Vishwanath Dham, 2 lakh people will be able to come easily. Where there was not even a space of five thousand square feet for the devotees to stand before. At the same time, after its formation two lakh devotees will be able to come together.

In 5.3 lakh sqft, 70 percent of the space was kept for greenery
The corridor will begin from Kashi’s Manikarnika and Lalitha Ghat. In this area, which is going to be prepared in 5.3 lakh square feet, 70 percent of the space will be kept for greenery. The gateway will be made at Lalitha Ghat to come from the Ghat side in the Dham. Apart from this, one can also enter Vishwanath Dham from Saraswati Gate, Neelkanth and Dhundiraj Gate. The temple complex will have the Baikuntha temple adjoining the sanctum sanctorum, Tarakeswar and Rani Bhawani temple with dandapani.

Apart from this, the rest of the Deities adjoining the sanctum sanctorum will be built near the premises. The complex will have four gates with a height of 34 feet. The entire complex will house Makrana and Chunar. The campus will glow with light. There will also be trees of religious and Ayurvedic importance here. Jalassen terrace will be built on the exterior of the corridor. Standing on this terrace, along with Ganga ji, Manikarnika, Jalasen and Lalitha Ghat can also be seen.

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