Vemulaghat oustees resume fight for rights

As the Dubbak Assembly by-poll got over, Vemulaghat oustees are gearing up to renew the fight for their rights and compensations again.

On Friday, a few women and a man from Vemulaghat in Toguta mandal presented a memorandum to the Joint Collector and Rehabilitation and Resettlement (R&R) Officer urging them to extend the R&R package to them like in the case of Erravalli in Kondapaka mandal. Both these villages will get submerged under the Mallannasagar reservoir.

A few weeks ago, the district authorities had handed over cheques of โ‚น7.5 lakh to single men and women of Erravalli.

โ€œWe are waiting for the past few days with a hope that the same benefits, extended to single women of Erravalli under writ petition number 15073/ 2020, will be extended to us as well. We are single men and women from Vemulaghat and there is no one to take care of us. Even coming to your office has become a difficult task for us as there was no proper road facility. It will be very difficult to come to your office again. For the past three years, we were without any work. We request you to extend the package to us,โ€ they appealed to the authorities in the memorandum.

Vanjari Antaiah, Salendra Venkavva, Jadala Rajavva, Kalakuntla Narsavva, Medamaina Mallavva and Chintakindi Bhagyavva came to the Joint Collectorโ€™s office.

Another woman Mangari Balavva stated that a cheque (number 003861 dated May 14, 2019), in the name of ICICI bounced and bank officials issued a letter on May 27, stating that โ€œPayment stopped by drawerโ€. She also alleged that her repeated visits to the district administration office had failed to yield any result.


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