VIDEO Armenian athlete sets Guinness World Record: 32 pull-ups in one minute while hanging from a helicopter

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A shocking video of an Armenian athlete has come to the fore. In this video, he is seen hanging from the helicopter and doing pull-ups.

Actually, this athlete named Hamjasp Loyan is trying to make a Guinness World Record and he was also successful. Loyan did 32 pull-ups in one minute while hanging from a helicopter in his country’s capital, Yerevan.

A day ago, Guinness World Records has posted this video in its official page, which is being well-liked on social media. Loyan has broken his own country’s Roman Sahradian record. Sahradian had a record of 23 pull-ups in one minute. Sahradian made this record in the year 2022.

Took training from Sahradian and broke his record
Loyan has worked hard to make this record his name. He trained with Roman Sahradian, the previous Guinness World Records record holder, and later broke his own record.

Guinness World Records announced
The record for the most pull-ups from a helicopter in one minute now belongs to Hamjasp Loyan, Guinness World Records said in a statement released on Sunday. He has done 32 pull-ups in one minute. This record was made on 5 November 2022.

Now know about GWR…

Guinness World Records started in 1955
The GWR was first published on 27 August 1955. The credit for starting it goes to Sir Hugh Beaver, a British-South African engineer. Until 1999 the GWR was known as The Guinness Book of World Records. Human achievements and records of the Natural World have been published every year in this record book.

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