Video: Man Skips Barricade, Runs Towards PM During Karnataka Roadshow

PM Narendra Modi holds a rally in Karnataka, where election is due


A man who jumped the barricade and ran towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi during an election road show was intercepted by the police in Karnataka’s Davangere today. This was the second attempted security breach after a similar incident in the BJP-ruled state’s Hubballi district.

The intruder has been identified as a young man from Koppal district. He was questioned by the police.

Senior police officer Alok Kumar on seeing the man try to breach the barricade ran towards him and intercepted him. A Special Protection Group (SPG) commando also ran after him.

“There was no (security) breach. It was an attempt to breach. He was stopped by the SPG. The man has been identified as Basavaraj Katagi from Koppal district. He came to Davangere in a bus to see PM Modi,” Mr Kumar told NDTV.

“Due to pressure on barricades put by the crowd, it fell down and Katagi attempted the breach… Legal action will be taken against him. We will also take preventive action against him so that it doesn’t repeat,” the police officer told NDTV.

In January, a boy jumped on the road suddenly and managed to get within an arm’s length of PM Modi in Karnataka’s Hubballi. He was intercepted at the last minute and whisked away by the SPG.

The boy was carrying a garland and was apparently trying to felicitate PM Modi, who was riding on the running board of an SUV and waving to cheering crowds.

PM Modi had addressed a rally before the road show today.

The term of the existing Karnataka assembly will end on May 24 and election dates are likely to be announced any time now.

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