Video: Massive Fire At Indore Hotel, 8 Rescued So Far

The police have initiated a probe into the cause of the fire.


A massive fire broke out at a six-storey hotel in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore Wednesday morning. Eight people, including three women, have been rescued so far in the ongoing efforts to douse the fire.

Early this morning, a fire broke out at Papaya Tree Hotel in the city. The flames quickly spread across all the floors in the multi-storey building. At first, the hotel’s staff tried to put out the fire but emergency services had to be called as it spread further.

People on the sixth floor of the building were trapped due to the smoke. Fire brigade and police teams had to use ladders to bring them to safety.

“Eight people, including three women, were rescued safely using ladders. They were very scared due to smoke,” Senior Indore police officer RS Ningwal said as quoted by news agency PTI.

Videos of the fire that surfaced on social media show people trapped on the sixth floor tying bedsheets and throwing them down like ropes in an effort to climb down. Smoke from the fire is visible from several kilometres away. Several fire tenders and municipal tankers are present at the hotel to aid the rescue efforts.

The police have initiated a probe into the cause of the fire.

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