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Video Of Airport Staff Hilariously Trying To Wake Up A Sleepy Passenger Goes Viral – News18

Last Updated: November 21, 2023, 12:03 IST

The man managed to board just in time before the plane took off. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

A ground assistant at Phuket International Airport mentioned that it took about 15 minutes to wake up the passenger.

Travellers often find themselves nodding off in airports due to extended waiting times, despite the bustling crowds and announcements. The need for rest during extended layovers or unconventional flight schedules leads passengers to seek quiet corners or comfortable seats for a quick nap.In a humorous incident at Phuket airport in Thailand, a passenger almost missed his flight because he was fast asleep. The airport staff tried for roughly 15 minutes to wake him up. A male staff member tried shaking the passenger’s shoulder, but that didn’t work. Despite several announcements for passengers to board, the man did not move. It took a stewardess gently shaking his leg to finally get him awake.

Watch here:

The man was travelling by AirAsia flight from Phuket to Bangkok on November 10.

Many people in the comments section found the incident to be quite amusing. They likely shared jokes, and anecdotes and expressed their amusement at the idea of someone being so deeply asleep that it took the efforts of two employees to ensure they didn’t miss their flight.

One user commented, “Dude was like ‘Phuket, I’m sleeping’.”

Another user joked, “Xanax over load.”

“Those of us in healthcare would pull out the good ol’ sternal rub by now,” another comment read.

Someone else commented, “One hot slap could have done the job.”

According to Newsflare, an onlooker Aresan Doloh, who is a ground assistant at Phuket International Airport informed, “It took them around 15 minutes to wake him up. Luckily, he was awake in time to board, minutes before the plane took off.’

Flight attendants typically avoid waking passengers who have fallen asleep during flights unless there’s a specific need. They prioritise passengers’ comfort, recognising that many travellers may want to rest, especially on long flights. However, there are instances where waking passengers becomes necessary, like during meal service, if turbulence prompts the seatbelt sign, or when there are important announcements or safety instructions to convey. In general, the aim is to balance respect for passengers’ rest with the crew’s responsibility for safety and communication.

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