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Video Of ‘Dentist Parrot’ Extracting Boy’s Rotten Tooth Leaves Internet Amused – News18

Last Updated: March 26, 2024, 10:57 IST

The boy smiles upon receiving this treatment.

The video starts with the visual of a parrot, which is being held by someone.

Videos featuring birds and animals gain a lot of traction among users. They are ranked as the most popular content on social media. One such video that has gone viral on the internet shows a parrot extracting a rotten tooth from a child’s mouth. The video starts with the visual of a parrot, which is being held by someone. The person holding the parrot takes it closer to the mouth of the child. In a surprising turn of events, it extracts the spoiled tooth. Someone then pulls back the parrot and opens its beak to drop the rotten tooth in an utensil. The boy smiles upon receiving this intriguing style of treatment.

Social media users loved the video and came up with a slew of hilarious comments. One of the users wrote,”Dentistry was invented in 1900, people in 1899.” Another one called the parrot a skilled dentist.

Some users, however, didn’t share the same opinion and raised concern that the human saliva is toxic to the birds. This concern is backed by scientific research as well, which states that the human saliva contains pathogens that are deadly to the birds. As per the Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital, people should never allow a bird to place beaks in their nose and mouth. Also, the information pointed out that the birds should also not be allowed to clean human’s teeth.

Not the human beings, but large animals like crocodiles and alligators let birds clean their teeth for them. A tiny bird called the Egyptian Plover Bird gets into the crocodile’s mouth and picks out the tiny bits of food stuck in the animal’s teeth. Crocodiles on the river Nile in Egypt are the ones that benefitted the most from the help given by these birds. This bird is sometimes referred to as the crocodile bird for its symbiotic relationship with the crocodiles. These birds feed on a wide variety of invertebrate prey, mainly the insects. They get their prey by picking the items from the ground, probing the sand, turning over stones, or catching the flying insects while running.

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