Video: Scolded By Parents Over Mobile Phone Use, Girl Jumps Into Waterfall

The girl jumped into the waterfall after being scolded by her parents.

A video recently emerged showing a girl leaping from a height of 90 foot into the Chitrakote Waterfalls in Chhattisgarh’s Bastar after her parents scolded her for using mobile phone. She, however, survived the plunge and emerged a few metres away. The incident occurred in the Chitrakoot Chowki area on Tuesday evening.

Upon arriving at the falls, she wandered aimlessly for a while before making her way to the edge of the waterfall. Some people present at the scene noticed the girl and implored her to refrain from jumping, urging her not to make any hasty decisions but she did not listen to her.

A few youth present in the area captured the entire incident on their mobile phones and it soon appeared on social media.

The clip shows the girl standing at the edge of the waterfall for a few seconds before finally jumping into it. As the camera moves, the video shows the height of the Chitrakote Waterfall, located 38 km from Jagdalpur in Bastar on the river Indravati. It is called “mini Niagara Falls” by the locals. Surprisingly, the girl remained afloat in the water after the jump.

The waterfall is about 300 metres wide during the monsoon season.

The girl lives nearby. The police, after getting information about the incident, launched an investigation and came to know that the girl was scolded by her parents for using the mobile phone due to which she took the extreme step. She was handed over to the family.

The Chitrakote Falls, known for its captivating beauty, attracts numerous visitors daily, especially during the rainy season. However, there are no notable safety measures in place for tourists. Unfortunately, several accidents have occurred here in the past.

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