Video shown – 4 accused in father’s murder, one is confessing in the greed of money | Video shown – 4 accused in father’s murder, one is confessing in the greed of money

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In the women’s public hearing, the daughters informing the member of the Women’s Commission about the lack of action in the murder of the father.

On Monday, a member of the Women’s Commission, Dr. Kanchan Jaiswal held a public hearing at the Circuit House of Jhansi. In the public hearing that lasted for 4 hours, 15 women reached with complaints. Instructions were given to the officials of the concerned department for resolution. The maximum number of complaints were of domestic violence.
During the public hearing Pratibha Singh, resident of Silgunwa village, her sister Vijeta and her mother Uma Singh reached. Both the sisters said that their father Bhagwan Singh was murdered. On August 17, a murder case was filed against Brijendra Singh, Yogendra Singh, Jogendra Singh and Satish. No arrests made so far. When he met the SSP on Monday, he said that he is arresting Satish.
Talk of giving 10 thousand months in audio
The sisters said that one of the accused is confessing to the crime in the greed of money. After narrating a video and audio of Satish to the member, he said that this is Satish. Who came home about 15 days ago. Then he told that the son of one of the accused is talking of confessing the crime by taking the lure of giving 10 thousand rupees a month.
The member called the SO and said – don’t implicate the innocent
After listening to the daughters, the member spoke to the Sakrar police station on the phone. Said that the recording of the person being arrested is with the daughters of the deceased. Hear one thing clearly that the innocent should not be punished and the guilty should not be spared. Lest the innocent be trapped and the guilty roam free. Sending them to you. Investigate objectively.
SI is not even obeying the order of the court
A woman from Samthar arrived with her father. Told that 7 years ago she was married to the officer of Banke Bihari temple in Mathura. On harassment, she had filed a case against 5 people including husband, mother-in-law and father-in-law in Samthar police station. IO SI did not even obey the orders of the court. Only the charge sheet was filed against the husband, while the rest were acquitted. SI has done all this through pressure and greed. The commission member ordered to re-investigate the case.
Woman sent to in-laws’ house with father-in-law
A woman resident of Baragaon is married in Naugaon. His domestic violence case was pending for several months. Husband is civil engineer. Father-in-law was also present in the public hearing. Women and Child Development officials said that both the parties were called several times for counselling. The in-laws are repeatedly extending the date to take the daughter-in-law. On the orders of the commission, the father-in-law agreed to take the daughter-in-law.
Called after the officers did not come
When the commission members reached the women’s public hearing, the officials of the concerned departments did not reach. On this he expressed his displeasure and called the officers by phone. He called the SSP himself. Then the SP City reached the public hearing. Within a short time, officers from all departments reached the spot.

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