Video Shows Moment Actor Gayatri Joshi’s Lamborghini Crashed Into Ferrari

The incident occurred during the Sardinia Supercar Tour in Italy.

A dashcam video captured the horrifying moment when Swades actor Gayatri Joshi’s Lamborghini collided with a Ferrari and a camper van on Wednesday. The accident, that took place in Italy’s Sardinia, lead to the deaths of two people — Swiss tourists Melissa Krautli (63) and Markus Krautli (67) — after their crashed Ferrari caught fire.

The incident occurred during the Sardinia Supercar Tour, which features a luxury car parade from Teulada to Olbia that lets drivers explore the area using rented luxury vehicles.

Gayatri and her billionaire husband Vikas Oberoi were on a vacation in the Italian island. In the video, several sports cars can be seen lining behind a camper van on a narrow two lane highway. The actor’s blue Lamborghini tried to overtake the van. At that exact moment, the Ferrari behind them steered sharply to take over both the vehicles when it collided with the actor’s car.

The impact of the collision made the camper van overturn leaving the whole scene in a cloud of dust.

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While the couple’s manager confirmed that they were both unhurt, the actor and her husband can be seen at the site of the crash, visibly shaken. The actor is seen sitting on the side of the road near her crashed car while her husband looks on. A video also shows the actor crying while her husband tries to comfort her.

Other photos show the crashed car on the side of the highway, with its front completely mangled.

The 46-year-old actor is known for her role alongside Shah Rukh Khan in the 2004 Ashutosh Gowariker movie ‘Swades’. Her husband, whom she married soon after finishing the movie, is a Mumbai-based property magnate.

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