Villagers including family members reached to take selfie, said- I will try to save women from domestic violence. Villagers including family reached to take selfie, said- I will try to save women from domestic violence

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Mrs UP reached ancestral village in Pratapgarh

Mrs UP Queen Dr Aditi Singh reached Pratapgarh today Mrs UP reached her ancestral residence in Bhupiamau area of ​​the city of Pratapgarh where she also participated in the private program going on at home. During this, having found Mrs. UP Queen in her midst, the women of the village were also seen taking a selfie with mobile phones. At the same time, the area remains a topic of discussion with the arrival of Mrs. UP Queen.

Villagers reaching home to meet

Villagers are also seeing Mrs Queen after reaching her house, in fact Mrs UP Dr. Aditi Singh’s father Jitendra Bahadur Singh has her house in Bhupiamau area of ​​Pratapgarh, when Dr. Aditi Singh reached her grandfather’s house, the crowd of villagers also gathered. While talking to the same media, Dr. Aditi Singh told that she has a PhD in Finance studies from IAS Lucknow, she said that on 19 December 2021, she participated in the program of Mrs. Uttar Pradesh Queen of Virtu organized at 5 Star Hotel in Lucknow as Mrs. And she won the title of Mrs UP, Mrs UP Aditi said this is a great opportunity, for women empowerment and to awaken confidence in them, women have to give priority to live their lives depending on someone, but Mrs. UP of Virtua is a great platform.

Efforts are made to save women from domestic violence

Women get a chance to hone their talents, I want to try to save women from sexual abuse and domestic violence, let me tell you that in Mrs. UP Queen of Virtu, only and only married women participate in the program. is awarded,

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