Villagers thrashed thinking child thief, 4 arrested including 3 women. Villagers beaten up thinking child thief, 4 arrested including 3 women

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Four arrested for beating woman on suspicion of child theft in Sitapur

In Sitapur, the police has taken a big action in the case of beating a woman by the villagers mistaking it as a child thief. Taking cognizance of the viral video, the police have succeeded in arresting four people, including the three women seen in the video. Police say that strict action will be taken against those who take violent steps on this side of the rumours. The police have registered a case against the four accused and taken action to send them to jail.

Mental neurotic woman Of spanking

The incident is from village Nahoia area of ​​Sandana police station area. Here on the afternoon of September 10, when a mentally challenged woman reached Nahoia village, the villagers caught the woman and for not being able to answer the questions asked by the villagers, the villagers dragged her clothes and beat her mercilessly. After the video of this act of the villagers went viral on social media, there was a stir in the police department. Taking cognizance of this video, the police started investigating the matter.

3 woman including 4 People arrest

Sandana police arrested 4 people of the village who came to their notice after investigating the video. Police Station Officer Sandana Vishwamber Dayal says that the arrested accused include village Nahoia Jaswant son Baijnath, Chedana wife Chhotkan, Sukhdai wife Jagdev and Basanti wife Baijnath. The police say that no one should take the law into their own hands on the rumor of a child-lifter and inform the police on the sight of an unknown person.

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