Vimla Batham, chairperson of the UP Women’s Commission, who came on a tour in Meerut, said Meena Kumari’s statement was absolutely wrong | UP Women’s Commission distances itself from Meena Kumari’s statement; Said- officers should pay attention to the problems of women

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  • Vimla Batham, Chairperson Of The UP Women’s Commission, Who Came On A Tour In Meerut, Said Meena Kumari’s Statement Was Absolutely Wrong

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Vimala Batham, chairperson of the Uttar Pradesh State Commission for Women, has termed the statement of the commission member Meena Kumari that she has a mobile phone. During her visit to Meerut on Friday, she said in the conversation that I refute such statements. Life is difficult without mobile. He told the commission that we were getting a lot of complaints related to mobile tampering, so he said so. It is wrong to say this.

For the tour he visited Daurala CHC, Tarapuri PHC in Meerut. Dufferin later went to the women’s hospital. In Meerut’s Women’s District Hospital, Dufferin, expressed displeasure over not seeing the pink booth for vaccination of women. He said that the facility of pink booth was started by the government especially for the vaccination of women. Seeing the pink booth, women will be attracted and will come for vaccination. Why didn’t you guys build a pink booth here?

Pink booth facility for women

The hospital in-charge said, a pink booth has been made in the medical hospital. On this the President said Pink Booth has been made in Medical Hospital instead of Women’s Hospital. Here vaccination is being done in the common room. If there is no pink booth in the women’s hospital, then where will it be made? In the circuit house, he listened to the grievances of the women and instructed the DPOs that every complaint should be resolved at the earliest.

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