Viral: Indian fashion brand is selling potato sack pyjamas and the netizens are in splits – Times of India

Well, 2020 has been a rough year, full of surprises but we were certainly not anticipating this. A user on Twitter shared a picture of a leading Indian fashion brand’s latest offering – potato sack pyjamas and that was enough for netizens to start trolling the fashion find.

Twitter user, Arun Bothra, who is incidentally a decorated Indian cop posted the picture in question and that’s how the jokes started pouring in.

The picture has a mannequin wearing potato sack pyjamas in a store setting and interestingly, the pyjamas even mention the word ‘Punjab’ implying the sacks origin area and the year ‘2017’.

The khakhi pyjamas are seemingly made of burlap jute cloth that is used to pack vegetables before they make it to out homes, they even featured beaded strings aroung the waist to tighten them if the need be. Twitter couldn’t handle the latest offering of the fashion label and its users teamed up to troll the image.

Here’s a look at some of the most hilarious tweets surrounding the image:


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