Virat and Babar will play with one team: Series will be played between Asia and Africa XI, India-Pakistan players will play together

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India and Pakistan star players Virat Kohli and Babar Azam can be seen playing together in 2023. The series is to be played between Africa and Asia XI after the 2023 IPL.

Players from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh can also be seen playing for Asia XI. Let us tell you that no series is played between India and Pakistan. Nor do Pakistani players play in IPL. In such a situation, it will be a different experience for the fans to see the players of both the countries playing together.

The last series between India and Pakistan was played in 2012-13. After this both the teams are seen playing only in ICC events.

The last time this series was held was in 2007. Dhoni scored 139 runs in the third match.

Asia XI did a clean sweep in 2007
Earlier in 2007, a 3-match series was played between Asia and Africa XI. This series was won by Asia XI by 3-0. At that time star players like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Mohammad Asif, Yuvraj Singh, Mohammad Yusuf were seen playing together. At the same time, Morne Morkel, AB de Villiers and Steve Tikolo played together for Africa XI, but after that the series could not be played again due to political issues between India and Pakistan.

India Pakistan players playing together for the Asia XI team in 2007.

India Pakistan players playing together for the Asia XI team in 2007.

Jay Shah will discuss
The format of the series to be held in 2023 will be T20. Earlier the format of this series was ODI. This will be discussed in the ICC Board meeting in April 2023 between Jay Shah and the new President of the African Cricket Association, Sumod Damodar.

Sumod Damodar said about this series, ‘We plan to see star players from India and Pakistan playing in the Asia XI team. We are in talks with the sponsorship and broadcaster to finalize this. It will be a huge event. I am sure the players want this to happen and politics should be kept out of it. It would be great to see players from Pakistan and India playing in the same team.

Africa will benefit greatly from this. Asia is the powerhouse of cricket. It is a relationship that I look forward to fostering and developing.

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