Virat said – learn to balance between family and sports, learn from Mary Kom, they made their way through all the problems

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  • Virat Said 6 time World Champion Mary Kom of Boxing Should Learn How To Balance Between Family And Sports

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Mary Kom is a 6-time world champion and Olympic bronze medalist. Tokyo has also achieved Olympic quota for the Olympics.

India team captain Virat Kohli said that the 6-time world champion of boxing, Mary Kom, can be taught how to balance between family and sports. Kohli and his wife film actress Anushka Sharma are expecting the first child in January next year. Kohli said that he will also follow Mary Kom.

Kohli interacted with Mary Kom live chat on Instagram on Wednesday. Virat said, “I can’t think anyone would be better able to tell you how to play the role of parents in a busy career.” How did you play the role of mother along with training. How did you strike a balance between sports and family. “

Mary Kom said – Husband has full support

Mary Kom said, “My husband is my strength after marriage. He fully supported. He took care of my every need. He is an ideal husband as well as a good father. “

Mary Kom is an inspiration for everyone

Kaheli further said, “You (Mary Kom) are not only a source of inspiration for women, but everyone should take inspiration from you.” You have achieved this by facing the shortcomings and constraints of sports facilities. You have made your own way. I am proud to ask you questions. ” We are on our way to becoming parents. We are inspired by you and we will follow your path. ”

Mary Kom said – Miss training with partner

Mary Kom said when she shifted to Tokyo Olympic next year due to Corona – I was surprised. When this news came, we were shocked. I have been boxing for 20 years. I was surprised But there is no change in our routine even after the Olympics are postponed to next year.

He further said- I am missing training with partner. I am not able to train with partner at home, I am running and skipping at home to keep myself fit.


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