Vishwanath upset with BSY; questions move to include Yogeshwar in Cabinet

Former Minister A.H. Vishwanath, who was disqualified by the High Court from becoming a Minister, has expressed strong disapproval of Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa’s conduct and his move to induct former Minister C.P. Yogeshwar into the Cabinet.

Speaking to reporters in Mysuru on Wednesday, Mr. Vishwanath said that “gratitude was fast coming down in politics” and added that Mr. Yediyurappa today was far different from the person who stood in front of him before the formation of the BJP government in the State.

He questioned Mr. Yediyurappa’s move to ‘urgently’ include Mr. Yogeshwar in the Cabinet and wondered if the Chief Minister was taking such ‘inappropriate’ decisions due to his ‘age’ or ‘pressure’.

If the Chief Minister wants to make Mr. Yogeshwar a Minister ‘urgently’, how will others have trust in him, the BJP MLC asked while questioning Mr. Yogeshwar’s role in the formation of the BJP government. “Was he an MLA? No. Did he resign? No”, Mr. Vishwanath said.

When the BJP High Command has not given him the green signal to expand the Cabinet, why is the Chief Minister bent on hurriedly including Mr. Yogeshwar in the Cabinet, Mr. Vishwanath asked before pointing out that there were more senior and experienced administrators from north Karnataka such as Basavaraj Patil Yatnal from Vijayapura and Umesh Katti from Belagavi, who were more deserving.

Mr. Vishwanath said he and other MLAs had resigned during the H.D. Kumaraswamy-led coalition government’s rule to replace “one system with another”.

“Unfortunately, things are going out of control now. Whoever we had opposed had now become his friends”, the BJP MLC regretted while referring to the rapport between Mr. Yediyurappa and former Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy. He likened the situation to Shakespeare’s play Hamlet in which the son had to see his mother marry his father’s murderer.

Mr. Vishwanath, who has already made clear his plans to challenge in the Supreme Court the High Court order disqualifying him from becoming a Minister, said the ruling does not prevent him from continuing as a member of the Legislative Council till the term ends.

He also claimed that the “Bombay team” – comprising erstwhile coalition MLAs – was united in protecting each other’s political interests. Mr. Vishwanath also recalled that his name had been deleted from the list of candidates to be nominated for elections to the Legislative Council from Legislative Assembly in June 2020, fully knowing that his election was necessary to become a Minister. He said he managed to be nominated to the Legislative Council with the support of Sangh Parivar.


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