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Wait, What? 1 In 8 Young Men Carry Condoms To Funerals

Last Updated: May 31, 2023, 20:27 IST

About 2000 adults participated in the online survey.

A study revealed that men under 35 admitted to bringing condoms to a funeral in order to be prepared for any circumstances.

A study claimed that nearly one in eight men under 35 years of age have admitted that they took condoms with them to a funeral. While this may seem surprising or unusual, these individuals “wanted to be prepared for any circumstances.” According to a report in Metro UK, the study was conducted by a leading condom brand through an online survey with the participation of about 2000 adults aged 18 to 35 in the United States.

The research also highlighted an intriguing aspect, suggesting that humans can experience arousal in the face of grief. Sex, in addition to serving as a means of filling an emotional void, can provide a distraction from the pain one may be going through. It is believed to trigger the release of endorphins, commonly known as the “happy hormone.”

And that is not all. The brand also found that about 65 per cent of adults carried condoms to a first date. However, 63 per cent of them revealed that they most likely ask their potential sex partner about protection once in bed. The study also discovered that about one in four millennials carried a condom to their high school reunion.

If the data might have left you stunned then we also have some encouraging statistics. The report revealed that around 77 per cent of people between 18 to 35 believed that both males and females should be equally responsible while taking care of protection. Around 78 per cent of adults claimed that they would rather be responsible for putting on the protection than make their partner take birth control. And expectedly, 52 per cent of the women stated that they would make their partner put on the protection rather than taking the pills.

The study further found that a significant majority of adults, comprising 52 per cent, prefer to keep condoms on their bedside tables. Interestingly, this practice was reported by 57 per cent of women, making it the most popular location for them. On the other hand, for 52 per cent of men, the favourite spot to store condoms is their wallet.

This finding indicates that individuals prioritise easy access to condoms in order to promote safe and responsible sexual behaviour.

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