Was betting in IPL; STF’s arms climbed, many secrets erupted during interrogation | Two accused of betting in IPL, STF arrested, many secrets erupted in interrogation

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The police caught two of the accused in the IPL on Tuesday. During their questioning, STF has received many important information.

  • STF took action on information of Mukhbir and arrested both
  • The material used in betting was recovered from them

The UP Police and STF teams are speedily campaigning against criminals to stop the business of the fast growing IPL betting in Uttar Pradesh. Due to this, the STF on Wednesday arrested two accused in the IPL for betting the common people. He has recovered about ₹ 281700 as well as batting material used for betting in IPL.

According to the information, since the start of the IPL 2020 cricket match, the STF of Uttar Pradesh was continuously getting information about the gang betting on the IPL match from inside UP for a long time. During the raids, the STF got information that an organized gang of betting men is active in IPL in Kanpur Nagar. Whose leader is Prashant Verma and it was also learned that Prashant Verma is doing the work of betting on IPL matches by driving around in other cities with the fear of getting caught.

STF formed a team to arrest Prashant Verma as soon as he got the information and after reaching the said location on the information of the informer, he laid siege and arrested two persons from whom about ₹ 281700 as well as betting in IPL. The batting material used for the recovery has also been recovered by the STF team.

The main accused has already been jailed earlier

The STF team arrested gangster Prashant Verma and his partner Piyush Gupta, during a stringent interrogation, accepted the speculative feeding business and told that they had been doing this illegal work for a long time. The main accused and kingpin Prashant Verma told STF that he had gone to jail earlier in the same work. After coming out of jail, he was again active in gambling work. For fear of being caught, he used to bet the IPL by changing the place and city in his car.

He told in the inquiry that he used to do all the work from his phone, for which he had taken the facility of live line in the phone itself, which he was directly connected with the businessmen and he would keep getting aware of the sentiments of the teams playing IPL from moment to moment. Was and he kept on spreading this information. He told that the transaction of money is done through hawala. In any district, the main bookie in the same district, through his special persons, does the transaction of money from the bookie.

The wagon phone seemed to be speculative
Gangster Prashant Verma said that the live line (box phone) in the language of speculation is called a bookie, many bookie connections like mine are taken from the box phone. The connection has to be given Rs. 2000 / – per month. He told that if 55-60 Punjab was spoken in the live line (box call), then 55 Punjab and 60 opposing teams would be the price. It is later spoken that it is called the langi team (the losing team).

What did the officer say
Sub-Inspector of the arresting team, Satendra Vikram Singh, informed that advance legal proceedings are being taken by the local police by registering the prosecution of the IAS No.525 / 2020 Section 13 Gambling Act against the arrested accused at Police Station, Commissionerate Lucknow.


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