Was called at home to get paddy threshed, the accident happened when the trolley overturned due to imbalance. Was called to the house for threshing paddy, the accident occurred due to the trolley turning unbalanced

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The trolley of paddy threshing machine overturned on Thursday in Khadsara of Rasda Kotwali, Ballia. Under which Radhe Kishan Singh alias Gandhi Singh (65) died. As soon as the information of the incident was received, there was chaos among the family members.

It is being told that Radhe Kishan had called the paddy threshing machine at his own house to get his paddy threshed. Meanwhile, the driver of the paddy threshing trolley was trying to park the cart at the right place. Then the trolley of the paddy threshing machine turned unbalanced. In which Radhe Kishan was seriously injured.

Doctors declared him dead on reaching the hospital
Radhe Kishan, who was seriously injured in the accident, was hurriedly rushed to the Community Health Center, Rasda. Where the doctors declared him dead. As soon as this information was received, there was an outcry among the family members.

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