Was deployed in dog squad since 2012, detected explosives several times. Was deployed in dog squad since 2012, detected explosives many times

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A tearful tribute was paid at the Reserve Police Line on the death of ‘Oli’ posted in the Dog Squad of Police Line Gonda. Oli’ has been instrumental in apprehending criminals and unearthing important incidents. Additional Superintendent of Police Gonda Shivraj and other police personnel paid tearful tributes on the death of ‘Oli’ posted in the police dog squad.

Explosive dog ‘Oli’ was born on 10 March 2011. Under the supervision of hero handler Tulsi Sonkar, training of ‘Shrawan Oli’ was done from National Dog Training Center Tekanpur district Gwalior Madhya Pradesh. After receiving training for 06 months, Oli arrived on 17 June 2012 at Police Line Gonda.

Commendable work done by Oli

In April-2014, under the Kotwali countryside, the bomb hidden in the artillery was discovered. In October 2015, police discovered the gunpowder buried in the brick stone on the rumor of cylinder burst in Khargupur. In May 2016, the bomb was detected in a pile of garbage near the railway station under the district Bahraich police station Kotwali Nagar. In December 2019, traced a hand grenade in the bush behind Gumti on the side of Chandravatpur Ghat under Thana Katra Bazar. In the month of November 2021, under Wazirganj police station, traced the gunpowder buried in the house near Tikri town.

Some pictures of policemen paying tribute to Oli

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