Was missing from outside the house, there is a possibility of falling in the drain while playing. Was missing from outside the house, there is a possibility of falling in the drain while playing

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The body of the girl was found to have landed in the Pajawa Nala in Chitwapur.

A five-year-old girl of a family living on the banks of Pajawa Nala, a dirty drain located in Motinagar in Naka police station area of ​​Lucknow, disappeared under suspicious circumstances while playing on Friday night. On Saturday morning, the girl’s body was found in the drain a few seconds from the house. The police have expressed the possibility of the girl falling into the drain while playing. Police said to take further action on the basis of post-mortem report and investigation.

Discussion of a girl falling into the drain after being pushed while playing, investigation intensified

Naka Inspector Manoj Kumar Mishra said that Palak, the five-year-old daughter of Indal, who lived in a slum in Motinagar, went missing while playing on Friday evening. Indal, who returned from work in the night, searched not seeing the daughter in the house. On not getting any clue, the police station was informed around 12 night. While the police was searching for the girl, in the morning in Hussainganj police station area, information was received about the girl being found in Pajawa Nala i.e. dirty drain. This drain originates from near the girl’s house. The girl’s mother lives in Delhi separately from her family. The girl lives alone after her father leaves for work. In the investigation so far, it has come to the fore that the girl fell into the drain while playing. Due to which he died.

There is a discussion among the local people of a girl falling due to a push while playing the girl. This point is also being investigated. No injury marks were found on the girl’s body. The body has been taken in possession and sent for post-mortem. Further legal action will be taken based on the investigation.

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