Was not attending even on the orders of the court, the police sent him to jail | Was not appearing even on the orders of the court, the police sent him to jail

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Jaunpur police arrested Munna Bajrangi and sent him to jail.

Jaunpur Police has arrested the brother of Don Munna Bajrangi. After raiding the ancestral house, the police of Sureri police station arrested Bhuwal Singh. A non-bailable warrant was issued against Bhuwal Singh from the court.

In many districts of Purvanchal, the infamous criminal Prem Prakash Singh alias Munna Bajrangi used to speak. Munna Bajrangi was murdered in Baghpat Jail. On Friday, the police of Sureri police station of Jaunpur arrested the brother of the deceased mafia Munna Bajrangi. Bhuwal Singh alias Guddu has been arrested by the police from his ancestral residence Purdayal. A large number of police forces raided the house and arrested Munna Bajrangi’s brother.

was ordered to appear in court

In the year 2005, a case was registered against Bhuwal Singh alias Guddu for threatening to kill some Scheduled Caste people for the village, abusing and assault. This matter of SC ST was pending in the court. The court had ordered Bhuwal Singh to appear several times. But repeated orders were ignored by Bhuwal Singh. The court had issued a non-bailable warrant against Munna Bajrangi’s brother.

In this sequence, the police station also arrested another Warrantee Nakhdu alias Sangram resident Nonra. After doing the necessary writing, the police sent both of them to the concerned court.

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