Was refused on asking for borrowed money, if not given, then he was murdered. Was forbidden to ask for borrowed money, if not given, then murdered

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The police has disclosed the murder of a youth in Amroha on June 7. Police have arrested a youth on the charge of murder. Along with this, the belt on the mark body of the accused has also been recovered. The accused was on the run since the incident.

Police said that some money was on the friend of the deceased youth. When he asked for that money a few months ago, he refused to give it. Along with this, the deceased youth had assaulted the accused, saying that he demanded money again. Enraged by the beating, he strangled her to death with a belt.

The dead body was found in the mango orchard on June 8
Countryside Police Station Brajesh Kumar said that on June 7, the body of 22-year-old Rinku, a resident of village Jalilpur Bakkal in the police station area, was found lying in a mango orchard. Based on the Tahrir of the father of the deceased, a case was registered against three people resident of the village.

In this case, the name of Akash Balmiki, a resident of Nanheda Alayarpur in the police station area, came up. He was taken into custody and interrogated. The youth accepted to carry out the murder of Rinku, who was found dead in a mango orchard two months ago.

There was a fight between the two youths earlier
Several months ago both of them had a fight. Also told that many months ago Rinku’s son Atar Singh and Rinku’s brother Neeraj and Vanshi’s son Bijendra and Ajay’s son Sukhlal all were residents of village Jalilpur Bakkal. While bringing soil in the tractor, Nanheda met at the crossroads. When I stopped the tractor and asked for my loan money from Vanshi, Vanshi refused to give it.

The police recovered the body from the mango orchard after the murder.

The police recovered the body from the mango orchard after the murder.

Was abused for asking for money
I had abused Vanshi on this matter. Then Rinku had assaulted me while favoring Vanshi. After which at the same time I had decided in my mind that when I get a chance, Rinku’s work has to be done. On the evening of June 7 last, I met Rinku near a liquor shop in Nanheda Alyarpur village.

I bought liquor there and took Rinku along and went to the mango orchard. Where Rinku was strangled to death with his belt when he was drunk. At present, the police has arrested the accused in this case.

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