Watch: 7-Year-Old Pune Girl Sets World Record, Skates Under 20 Cars In 13.74 Seconds

The 7-year-old skated low to the ground for 193 feet in 13.74 seconds.

Seven-year-old Deshna Nahar from Pune has set a Guinness World Record (GWR) for being the fastest skate in limbo under 20 cars at a stretch.

According to the official site, the little girl clocked in 13.74 seconds to rollerskate bend down in a middle-split position as she ducked under the cars over the distance of 193 feet. Limbo skating, which is also known as roller limbo, is a sport in which a person roller skates underneath an obstacle like a horizontal pole without touching it.ย 

A video of her performance has been shared on Twitter. Watch as the 7-year-old skates under 20 cars in just seconds.ย 

โ€œThe fastest time to limbo skate under twenty cars is 13.74 seconds and was achieved by Deshna Aditya Nahar (India) in Pune, Maharashtra, India on 16 April 2022,โ€ Guinness World Record wrote in the official account, adding, โ€œDeshna Aditya Nahar prepared for this record attempt for one and a half years.โ€

According to New York Post, Deshna broke the previous record of 14.15 seconds set by a 14-year-old in China.ย 

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Meanwhile, in another win for the nation,ย an Indian yoga teacher based in Dubai created the Guinness World Record for holding a yoga pose for nearly 30 minutes. The video of Yash Mansukhbhai Moradiya was posted by GWR on their social media platforms. It showed Mr Moradiya in a scorpion pose, or vrschikasana.ย 

The 21-year-old stayed in this pose for an incredible 29 minutes and four seconds, shattering the previous record of four minutes and 47 seconds, GWR captioned the video posted on Instagram on International Yoga Day.

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