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Watch: BTS Members’ Hilarious Reaction On Winning A Ramen Cooker – News18

Published By: Chirag Sehgal

Last Updated: October 14, 2023, 15:37 IST

BTS won the ramen cooker on the variety show Run BTS. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

A clip is going viral that compares the boy band’s reaction to winning a ramen cooker vis a vis when they learned that their song Dynamite has broken all records.

The Korean pop band BTS has enthralled people globally with their one-of-a-kind music. They enjoy a fan following like no other, and the fans, popularly known as the “BTS Army” follow every single detail about their favourite stars. If you have ever rooted for the band, you are aware of their craze for the infamous Korean delicacy- Ramen. Remember when one of the members, Jungkook, shared his own recipe that took the internet by storm? Recently, a video went viral on the internet that proved that BTS are diehard ramen fans.

A video was posted on Instagram by a BTS fan page. The clip compares the boy band’s reactions when they won a ramen cooker on a game show vis a vis when they learnt that their song Dynamite broke records and reached about 101 million views. The video opens with a snippet from the show Run BTS, where the band won a ramen cooker. They could be seen hooting excitedly and rejoicing over the win. As opposed to this, another clip shows an interviewer informing the band about the record created by their song. While the band is happy, the reaction is nothing in comparison to the first one.

Many of their fans took to the comments section below to express their love of their favourite band. One user said, “For BTS million views are expected but ramen cooker was unexpected,” while another one said, “They just love food more that anything and getting a ramen cooker can fulfil that. They are least bothered about views and awards.”

Commenting on BTS’s reaction, a user said, “That why we love them..No one can understand our madness,” while another person said, “because they stayed humble.”

Some also pointed out that it’s an Asian thing to be excited about food: “tell me your are Asian without telling me you are Asian,” “just 7 normal boys from Korea,” “Just Asian Things.”

BTS’ love for ramen knows no bounds. Not just the traditional recipe, but they have also given a twist to the instant packaged ramen. Earlier this year, BTS member Jungkook went viral after sharing a special ramen recipe on Weverse, a renowned K-pop fan community and app. Rather than eating instant noodles as they are, Jungkook combined two brands for a unique flavour combination. The singer combined Buldak’s Spicy Chicken Ramen with Neoguri Ramyun to create what he calls “Bulguri.”

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