Watch: Cat Puts On Act of Injury to Attract Attention

Cats are often underestimated for their intelligence. Many people behave dogs are more intelligent than cats. However, this misconception was recently busted by a viral video. The video, which was shared on Twitter, proved that cats are clever enough to even deceive humans.

The video was shared on the microblogging platform by a user with the caption, โ€œWatch a drama queen cat fake injury in hopes of coming inside.โ€ The video shows a cat sitting in a backyard. The catch here is that the feline puts on an act of injury by sitting with its paw hanging in the air to attract its ownerโ€™s attention.

The cat then limps her way to the door in hopes that its owner will let it inside the house. As soon as the catโ€™s owner opens the door to let it in, it puts its injured paw on the floor and starts to walk normally, revealing that it was all just an act.

The video has gone viral with over 4 lakh views. Social media users flocked to the comments section of the viral video to share their reactions.

A user wrote, โ€œI once had a cat who was left behind for me by neighbors who emigrated to Cyprus. They phoned asking for photos of their beloved Sweetie (that was his name). Every time I clicked the shutter, he lifted his paw to look pathetic and lame. He knew what he was doing!โ€

Another user wrote, โ€œOscar goes toโ€ฆโ€ suggesting that the cat is one heck of an actor to pull off the act with such ease. Someone also pointed out โ€“ โ€œCats are so smart. Most animals are actually.โ€

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