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Watch: “INDIA” vs “Modi” Chants Outshout S Jaishankar In Parliament

Watch: “INDIA” vs “Modi” Chants Outshout S Jaishankar In Parliament

S Jaishankar slammed the opposition for the protests. (File)

New Delhi:

Parliament proceedings devolved to a contest of vocal reprisals once again on Thursday as the opposition and government lawmakers clashed in a cacophony of “INDIA, INDIA” and “Modi, Modi” slogans, claiming External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar’s address on the nation’s foreign policy as a casualty.

The opposition’s outcry began with chants of “Manipur, Manipur”, an effort to prioritise the three-month-long ethnic clashes in the northeastern state amid attempts to maintain business as usual in the upper house.

As the slogans reverberated through the Rajya Sabha hall, contesting Mr Jaishankar’s words, the treasury benches rose in unison, their chants of “Modi, Modi” a fervid endorsement of the Prime Minister. This was met with chants of “INDIA, INDIA” – the brand-savvy name of the opposition’s new coalition.

Mr Jaishankar’s address, an attempt to shed light on the successes of India’s foreign policy and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visits abroad, was continually disrupted by the opposition. The minister dubbed the opposition’s clamour as “partisan politics”.

“It is extremely unfortunate that the opposition is prioritising partisan politics,” Mr Jaishankar lamented to reporters outside, expressing disappointment over their refusal to acknowledge the achievements of the President, Vice President, and Prime Minister.

“If you claim to be ‘INDIA’ but if you are not prepared to listen to India’s national interests, then what kind of India are you?” he said.

The Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha, Mallikarjun Kharge retorted, accusing the Prime Minister of evading his responsibilities towards parliament while actively campaigning in Rajasthan. “He doesn’t want to protect democracy and the constitution. He is disrespecting the Parliament,” Mr Kharge rebuked.

The parliament session was marked by continuous disruptions over the demands of the opposition members related to the Manipur situation, with the Rajya Sabha adjourned twice in the face of the upheaval. The parliamentary proceedings also saw the opposition show up in black attire as a symbol of protest, drawing criticism from the ruling party members.

The monsoon session of parliament, which commenced last Thursday, has been riddled with interruptions as opposition members press for a detailed discussion on the Manipur situation and a statement from the Prime Minister.

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