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Watch: Narrow Escape For 2 Men After Electric Bike Explosion – News18

Last Updated: October 05, 2023, 15:54 IST

The explosion occurred in the Darlinghurst hostel located in Sydney. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Footage of the gut-wrenching incident shared online by the Fire and Rescue NSW officials shows two backpackers making a beeline for safety as flames erupt everywhere.

Two backpackers in Australia made a miraculous beeline to safety after a suspected explosion caused by a faulty e-bike battery. Footage of the gut-wrenching incident shared online by the Fire and Rescue NSW officials has left social media users in a massive state of shock. According to the Guardian report, the explosion occurred in the Darlinghurst hostel located in Sydney on October 5. It is suggested about 22 firefighters and six fire trucks responded to the lithium-ion battery blast. The CCTV visuals show the moment when one of the backpackers was standing in the hallway of the hostel, while another was inside a room.

The duo seemed to be talking when the youngster standing in the hallway made a run for safety. Just a second after a fireball erupts from the room and the backpacker inside also rushes out to escape the flames. The footage evidently shows the exploded device was kept inside the room along with one of the youngsters.

The duo makes a desperate attempt to escape the place as fire engulfs the entire door of the room. After the passing of a few moments, when there appears no signs of another potential blast, one of the backpackers returns with what appears to be a fire extinguisher. He maintains a safe distance from the flaming room before the video comes to an end.

Watch the clip here:

Upon watching the footage, many social media users showcased concern for the men’s safety. Not only the safety protocols of using e-bikes became a hot topic of discussion but viewers also demanded authorities to reveal the brand name of the e-device. After the explosion, the operators in the hostel evacuated about 70 people out of the facility before the fire department gained control over the flames. It is also reported that surrounding streets were shut down by authorities until the fire was extinguished. The men in the video reported this dangerous incident at the Kings Cross police station seeking help. The person standing in the hallway did not sustain any injury but the one inside the room, reported to be Phillipe of French origin, suffered minor burns to his leg.

Talking to Nine News, he confessed to being utterly shocked upon witnessing the explosions but confirmed he was alright. “I’m okay, I’m lucky to be here intact,” he reportedly said. Phillipe was taken to the St Vincent’s Hospital to receive proper medical care. The investigation is still underway.

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