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Watch: PM Modi, Putin Pet Horses At Russian President’s Residence

Watch: PM Modi, Putin Pet Horses At Russian President’s Residence

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin walked through a stable on Tuesday as the Russian leader showed his prized horses to PM Modi. The prime minister is on a two-day official visit to Russia for an annual meeting with Putin.

Visuals from Moscow showed PM Modi walking through a garden with Putin, as the two world leaders talked. They then got into a gold cart as Putin drove the two around the garden of Novo-Ogaryovo, the residence of the President of Russia, after having tea together. 

In a nine-second video released by the Kremlin, the leaders can be seen walking through Putin’s stable as they continue their conversation. Putin leads the prime minister to the stable and begins petting one of the horses, PM Modi too pets another horse before the Russian leader holds the door open for the prime minister to exit the stable. 

Other clips also showed the two leaders exchanging laughs as they watched a horse show at Putin’s residence. The video showed two horse-riders holding flags of India and Russia as they trotted side-by-side.

The prime minister’s two-day visit to Russia ends today. Earlier, he addressed members of the Indian community in Russia and declared that India is “making a resurgence”.

“Over 140 crore Indians are making this resurgence of India possible — they dream big, they take a pledge and then make it happen,” he said.

The Prime Minister said India and Russia are working together to boost global prosperity. “You all are taking India-Russia ties to new heights. With your hard work and honesty, you have contributed to the Russian society. I have been a fan of the unique relationship between India and Russia,” he said, referring to Russia as India’s “all-weather ally” and “trustworthy friend”.

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