WATCH: Spooky Funnel Shaped Cloud Formed Near Disney World in US

The visitors at Walt Disney World, Florida, were spooked after watching the appearance of an ominous cloud in the skies above Epcot. The incident that took place on Thursday was captured by a Disney World guest. While many speculated that the funnel-shaped cloud was a tornado, the National Weather Service (NWS) in the US dismissed it via a tweet. “Looks like it could be a funnel cloud, hard to tell if there is any rotation in the video though,” tweeted the NWS station at Tampa Bay.

In addition to this, a meteorologist of the Orlando news channel News 6, Jonathan Kegges, stated that the ominous cloud that appeared above Disney could be a scud cloud. For those unaware, a scud cloud appears to be more wispy and jagged than a funnel cloud. He added it happens often that scud clouds get mistaken for tornadoes or funnel clouds. “This could just be a scud cloud, which is a jagged cloud that gets sucked into the updraft of a thunderstorm. Often times, scud are incorrectly identified as funnel clouds or tornadoes,” he said.

It is important to note that both scud and funnel clouds can turn into tornadoes but that did not happen on Thursday. Reportedly, the ominous cloud did not damage any area near the theme part as no reports of commotion came forward from the vicinity. A viral video that showcases the presence of the spooky cloud is now going viral on social media. In the clip, the visitors can be seen walking freely, while the camera focuses on the dangerous shape of the cloud extending from the sky.

While sharing the video online, the Twitter user joked, “No lines on this ride.” Watch the video below:

While reacting to the viral clip, one user wondered, “Why is everyone so calm? Lol.”

Another added, “Looks like no one is even taking cover? They do know that what they are looking at is a tornado. It’s not an actual attraction at Disney.”

One more joked, “Didn’t the Guardians of the Galaxy do anything to save the day?”

The video has garnered over 404 thousand views on the micro-blogging application.

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