WATCH: YouTuber Eats One of World’s Spiciest Chicken Tenders at 2 Million Scoville Units

Eating challenges are quite the buzz on social media as it makes for great content to consume. One such challenge recently surfaced, but this one was quite different from the conventional ‘eating challenges’ content. This is one was quite fiery. A YouTuber who goes by the name Matt Stonie tried eating one of the spiciest condiments there is in the entire culinary industry. In the challenge, Matt ate chicken tenders ranging in terms of the spiciness they have. The first level is the one with no spice and the last one has its spice level at 2 million Scoville. In between are considerably spicy tenders with Scoville Heat Units ranging from 300,000 to 600,000.

Scoville or Scoville Heat Units is a form of measure for the spiciness. It quantifies the hotness and the pungency of peppers. The quantification is done by measuring the amount of capsaicin, the chemical that causes the spiciness when a pepper or a spice is eaten. Pure capsaicin is rated at 16 million SHU.

Matt, in the challenge, tries peppery chicken tenders that induce the spicy hot levels of 2 million SHU. Not only this, after eating these insanely spicy tenders, the challenge also included five minutes of afterburn session, where the YouTube is not allowed to drink anything and is not even allowed to use the tissue paper.

Take a look at the challenge here:

The video, since being shared, has amassed more than 20 lakh views. Netizens were as blown as Matt was after consuming those spicy tenders.

โ€œTook it like a champ,โ€ wrote one user. Another claimed, โ€œI would have tapped in 5 seconds.โ€ โ€œI feel sorry for him,โ€ wrote one user.

Eating such amounts of spice can cause a serious case of headaches and sweating, both from the glands and from the eyes (crying, in the common tongue).

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