Water storage in Hattikuni Dam nearing full capacity

Farmers in the downstream of Hattikuni Dam in Hattikuni village in Yadgir district are happy as the dam has been seeing remarkable increase in water storage in the last couple of days.

The water storage in the dam stood 0.305 tmcft against a total capacity of 0.352 tmcft.

The dam was constructed across a stream flowing from the atop the hills in the surrounding areas of the village to provide irrigation to 5,300 acres of dry land in Hattikuni, Yaddalli, Bandalli, Honagera, Katagi- Shahapur and Dasarabad villages.

Farmers grow groundnut, paddy, cotton, jowar, bajra and other crops using water released from the dam. They can make use of water stored now in the dam to irrigate their crops till the end of next summer.

โ€œWater level reached almost the full capacity of the dam during August and September last year. But, this time the dam has seen early a huge quantum of water flowing owing to copious rainfall in the catchment areas in the last couple of days,โ€ a farmer said. โ€œWe must use water judiciously and ensure that there is no wastage,โ€ he added.

To attract tourists, officials of the Tourism Department have developed a garden. A large number of people are coming to relax amid the greenery in the garden and the nearby areas as well.

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