Ways to get your man become an Instagram boyfriend for you without making it too obvious | The Times of India

It’s one thing to click your own photos for Instagram and another to have an Instagram boyfriend to your rescue. Yes, ‘Instagram boyfriend’ is a thing. He is someone who can click your beautiful and adorable pictures, candid and otherwise. You know the ones who show extravagant Digital Display of Affection (DDA). Someone who is always ready with the camera to capture a moment and make a memory out of it. All of it for the gram.

Those who have an Instagram boyfriend know how it feels to have someone who can click cute selfies with you or candids that make you look oh-so-adorable! But it’s not the same for the ones who don’t have an Instagram boyfriend. Secretly you do hope your boyfriend understood how you wish for him to be hands-on at this job. But how do you exactly tell your guy to be an Instagram boyfriend without actually stating the obvious? Read what we suggest below and we’re sure it will help.


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