We have made this a world that’s obsessed about looks

Subconsciously, we humans communicate the most with ourselves. After all, we are the ones to spend most of the time with ourselves. It’s a different matter that most individuals consciously care more about the people around because they have been conditioned like that. And then the pieces of conversation we have with those in our lives. A wide range of topics and so much to talk about. But consciously or subconsciously, whether we are talking to self or someone else, have you ever noticed the most common context we take up? It’s about ‘looks’. If this last sentence tempts you to raise an objection, all of a sudden, on what I am saying, pause. Relax. Have a break. Take some time, observe and then conclude.

Is it not true that whenever we meet someone after quite a while, the first thing we notice and comment about, is the other person’s appearance. For instance, "Oh! Look at you, shed so much weight! Are you not eating properly these days?" Or "Oh! You have put on so much! You must exercise and be careful about your diet. You will look perfect after losing weight" And no, it’s not always just about weight. Sometimes it may also be thrown upon the subject like ‘Oh my God! You’ve got dark areas around your eyes. Are you not getting proper sleep these days?’ And the list goes on. What’s even more surprising is that sometimes we are too concerned about our own looks as well. We are always thinking and, can say, looking for ways to come across as a more good-looking person. When we go to buy any kind of wearable, be it clothes or shoes or accessories; anything for that matter, many people put their looks above elegance and comfort. Sometimes in order to chase style, people keep feeling uneasy in a wearable but dont give up on wearing that, only to ‘look’ attractive.

You may be wondering why today I thought of writing about this? Well, this thought has been on my mind for pretty some time now. But today it got triggered by a pattern I have noticed on social media. It’s that someone may be posting a lot about his or her milestone-achievements, efforts, outcomes of diligence and things like that for a long time but can only rarely beat the kind of response he or she gets on posting a selfie, even if heavily filtered. Many people who never bother to ask the well-being of that person, will suddenly appear with great words about that particular pic.

I had written an article about body-shaming on my personal blog long back. Some of you might have read it and perhaps would be having it in memory too. (Drop me a few lines in the comments to let me know if you would like to read it now). But today I’m also talking about ‘body-faming’ which is a term I just coined to what we achieve by (sometimes fake) complimenting each other on looks, especially the ones given just-for-the-sake-of-it but taken seriously. I’m not saying it’s bad. Of course, it’s good to uplift each other with sweet and kind communication but I am talking about the bigger picture. I repeat, I just wonder why at all, we are so obsessed with looks. Why do some of us make it the biggest concern of life if we are otherwise doing good as in health? How can we feel destructively inferior or superior about our own appearance, based on what others have to say? Like, why do some people have to make an issue if a married woman doesn’t enjoy dressing-up on daily basis, but occasionally? Why at a point of time in life, it seems like all comes down to just looks, looks and looks? I am not saying I am an exception. Please note that I’ve been using the word ‘we’ and not ‘you’ since the beginning of this text. I just wonder why all of us have made it a world which is so obsessed with looks. Let’s attempt to keep a sight beyond physical beauty. Let’s rather uplift each other for what lies within, for each other’s talents, nature, behaviour more than outer beauty. Let’s adore each other for the bonding we share and not limit that to bodily appearance simply. What do you say?



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