We were stopped during the shooting of The Kerala Story: Vipul Shah said – When we went to research, there was going to be an attack, had to run away

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Producer Vipul Amrutlal Shah’s ‘The Kerala Story’ has been in limelight both for its subject matter and collection. There was also a demand to ban the film. Despite this, it continues to improve.

The Kerala Story had collected 246 crore gross in India and 11 crore gross from Overseas in 19 days of release. Its producer Vipul Amritlal Shah has answered all kinds of questions. Here are the main parts:-

People have raised objections regarding many scenes of the film. What would you say on this?

Truth is not always easy. Sometimes it is not even comfortable. Now, since any truth is uncomfortable, then it would be a betrayal of those girls to vilify it. Then we will not have the courage to speak the truth, and many wrong things will continue to happen in this country. While the truth should be shown in the same way, so that people can realize it.

You have the report of 32 thousand conversions, when will they be shown?

The matter regarding Harish Salve ji, that interim order came from the court. The matter is to be heard on July 18. The hearing with Harish Salve was only regarding the ban of the film. It was not about the figure of 32 thousand. So the way out was to put a disclaimer. We will strictly follow the order of the Supreme Court.

It may be whatever it is from the point of view of publicity. Yesterday a video is circulating. It shows how 38 girls were rescued from the clutches of ISIS. So those who are talking on our number should watch the video that how those 38 girls were made sex slaves by ISIS.

More than that, the United Nations is a huge organization. Their figure is that 48 thousand girls from all over the world have been ruined by ISIS by making them sex slaves. So whether those girls are from UK, US or any other country, should we say that those girls are from some other country, why make a film on them? His numbers don’t matter.

So it is very easy that you cannot deny the truth of this film or cannot deny the story of the three girls shown in it, then say that the film itself is false. A film with an agenda. Propaganda film. But the result will be that those who are doing such heinous work in Kerala or wherever in the country will get the covering fire.

As for the documents related to the figure of 32 thousand, our answer will come very soon on that too.

What is the status in Kerala and Tamil Nadu despite the Supreme Court order?

I was very surprised that Mamta Banerjee said that Modi sahab does not believe in democracy. I am surprised that you are not implementing the Supreme Court order in your state. Theater owners are being told that the license will not be renewed if they show the film.

We will not be able to provide protection. There is a strange situation in Tamil Nadu as well. The Congress party goes abroad and claims that democracy is declining in India, while there too threats are being made that theaters will be demolished. So what can I say Now the public has to decide that these parties TMC and Congress, they have nothing to do with the pain of girls.

What were the biggest challenges while shooting it?,

When we wanted to shoot it in Kerala, we were stopped. The line producer there said that he would get threats. When our director went there to do research, he got a call from the police saying run away, you will be attacked. He then ran away with all his belongings. Walked three to four kilometers in the jungles. Somehow survive Then the artist does not have the courage to play such a role. The courage shown by the three girls and four boys in the final is commendable.

It came in India on 5th May. In how many countries was the film released?

Right now this is going on in some 36 to 37 countries. Getting very different response. The numbers it is bringing, the films of big starcasts do not bring that much. We are getting videos from US, UK, Canada where people are raising slogans after watching the movie.

– Was it allowed to release in Gulf countries?

This picture has been banned in the entire Gulf. When the picture was screened in Mauritius and the house was going full, some Muslim groups came there and threatened the theater owners. Theater people were even told that they would blow up the cinema itself. Well, we would not want that either.

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