Weight loss story: “I had soaked almonds and vegetable salad for dinner and lost 15 kilos” | The Times of India

My breakfast- 1 atta bread slice with peanut butter and 1 banana along with 1 cup of black coffee

My lunch:- 30 gms rice , 100 gms chicken breast baked , and 200 gms salad with 100 gms low fat curd.

My dinner: 10 soaked almond , 100 gms paneer and vegetable salad

Pre-workout meal:- 1 slice bread and peanut butter and 3 egg white

Post- workout meal: 6 boiled white egg and 35 gms protein

I indulge in (What you eat on your cheat days): Dark chocolate and jaggery with fennel seeds and boiled chole.


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