Weight loss story: “I start my day with black coffee and have a big bowl of fruits for lunch” | The Times of India

For 33-year-old Ritesh Srivastava, unexpected weight gain made him the centre of jokes in his friendsโ€™ circle, he also experienced terrible sleep apnea. Knowing the need to work on his lifestyle before it gets too late, Ritesh started reading up on good diets and followed an easy home-based workout!

Not only did weight loss make a tremendous difference in his personality, but he also ended up inspiring his 57-year-old mother to eat well too! Read his inspiring transformation story to know how he did it:

Name: Ritesh Mohan Srivastava

Occupation: Associate Director, Data Science

Age: 33 years

Height: 5 feet 8 inches

City: Hyderabad/New York

Highest weight recorded: 102 kilos

Weight lost: 29 kilos

Duration it took me to lose weight: 4 months


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