Weird Tales: Husband Abandoned Vimi, Boyfriend Pushed Into Prostitution; Death at the age of 34, the body was sent to the crematorium on a handcart

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Considered to be the most beautiful actress of a time, Vimi became a star after the very first film Humraj. After this film, lines of producers and directors used to put outside his house. Vimi, who was seen in the best films like Humraj, Vachan, Aabru, Patanga, used to charge Rs 3 lakh in the 60s.

Vimi got a lot of fame in the film world, but her personal life went through such a bad situation which is difficult to imagine. Leaving her husband, the same person with whom she wanted to spend her life made her addicted to alcohol and pushed her towards prostitution. Career was ruined in 10 years, then Vimi was forced to live alone in poverty.

As painful as life was, death was worse. At the age of 34, Vimi was admitted to the general ward of the hospital for several days and when she died, there was no one to reach the crematorium or shoulder. Eventually Vimi’s body was taken to the crematorium by placing it in a tea stall.

In today’s strange stories, read the painful story of Vimi, who was a star of a time-

Vimi came to films with the help of her husband
Vimi was born in 1943 in Jalandhar, Punjab in the atmosphere of the freedom struggle. At an early age, Vimi got married to Shiv Aggarwal, the son of a famous industrialist of that time. Vimi’s parents were against their marriage. Vimi had two children from this marriage.

Vimi, who arrived at a party in Calcutta with her husband, met music director Ravi. Ravi was enamored of Vimi’s beauty. Ravi said to Vimi- Why don’t you work in films? Got the answer- I became the mother of two children, who will give me work in films?

Ravi invites Vimi and her husband Shiv to come to Mumbai and there he meets BR Chopra. It was here that BR Chopra offered him the first film Humraj.

decided to become an actress by going against the family
The in-laws did not want Vimi to work in films, but she got the support of her husband. When Shiva left his parents, he was evicted from the property and thrown out of the house. Now the entire responsibility of running the house had fallen on Vimi’s shoulders.

Vimi became an overnight star from the very first film
Vimi made her debut in Hindi cinema with the film Humraj released in 1967. Rajkumar, Sunil Dutt and Mumtaz were in the lead roles in the film, but most people’s eyes were on Vimi’s beauty. After the first film, directors and producers started lining up outside the house to sign Vimi.

After Humraj, Vimi did films like Aabaru with Ashok Kumar, Nirupa Roy, Nanak Naam Jahaan Hai with Prithviraj Kapoor, Patanga and Vachan with Shashi Kapoor. Vimi also appeared in a small role in Jaya Bachchan and Dharmendra starrer Guddi. In those days, Vimi used to charge Rs 3 lakh for every film.

Vimi’s life became a scary dream from a fairy tale
Vimi became a star after the movie Humraaz. She had many big offers, husband to support, fame and millions of fans, but soon Vimi was going to be fascinated by all these.

Success had gone to Vimi’s head
Vimi, who entered films with BR Chopra, signed a contract for 3 films with him. By this time, husband Shiva had started interfering in her films by becoming Vimi’s secretary.

Vimi had received offers from many films, but due to the contract of BR Chopra, she was not able to sign the films. Vimi and Shiv started harassing BR Chopra to terminate the contract.

Vimi was supposed to shoot for BR Chopra’s film at that time, but she refused at the last minute saying that she would not shoot outdoors. BR Chopra immediately reached his house by flight. The two got into an argument and eventually BR Chopra released her from the contract.

If you flopped continuously, then came on the streets
Vimi appeared in a total of 10 films, most of which were flops. After the first film, he got many offers, but only after a few flops, the producers withdrew their hands. Movies started getting stopped and all the money deposited was gone. Disappointed with the films, Vimi opened the Vimi Textile Company in Calcutta, but it too went into debt.

When the money stopped, the husband started beating
Vimi used to live in Juhu’s bungalow at that time, but when poverty came, she went to Subarb and started living a normal life. When the period of financial crisis came, then husband Shiva became addicted to alcohol and started beating Vimi. Shiva used to pressurize Vimi to do minor work with small producers.

Producer gave support then left husband’s house
Relations with her husband deteriorated and at the same time Vimi fell in love with film producer Jolly. Vimi left her husband and started living with Jolly. This love was also going to stay in Vimi’s life for only a few days. A few days later, Jolly got Vimi addicted to alcohol. Vimy’s career was completely ruined.

Alcohol ruined Vimi’s life
Music composer Ravi is credited for bringing Vimi into films. Vimi met these composers outside the court. Vimi had reached the court due to the divorce case from her husband. At this time Vimi was completely drunk and boyfriend Jolly was also present with her. As soon as Vimi saw Ravi, she started narrating her ordeal after complaining about her crying husband. Ravi consoles them that they will talk to her husband Shiva. After this meeting, Ravi went on a world tour of music concerts. When he returned, Vimi was already dead.

Vimi used to spend time with the producers at the behest of Jolly
There were also reports that Jolly used to force Vimi to sleep with other producers in the name of getting work. Vimi, who was infatuated with love, started accepting his words and started going to meet the producers. Vimi’s close friend Krishna had also confirmed that she had started going to different hotels to meet the producers and became a part of Prostitution.

Despite all this, Jolly continued to torture Vimi. Vimi ended all relations with Jolly, but by then she had become addicted to alcohol and this alcohol addiction became the reason for her death. Career, business was all ruined. Vimi got away from the limelight and started living alone.

Alcohol gave painful death
At the age of 34, Vimi’s liver was completely damaged. There was no money to get treatment for the disease. Somehow, Jolly got him admitted to the general ward of Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai. Where Vimi died on 22 August 1977. No family members or friends took any news of Vimi being admitted to the hospital.

The dead body was brought to the crematorium by placing it in a handcart
The situation was so bad that there was no one to take Vimi from the hospital to the crematorium or even shoulder to shoulder. Eventually, Jolly asked for a chaiwala’s handcart for some time and by keeping it in the handcart, he took Vimi’s dead body to the crematorium. When the news of death was received, only 9 people reached the funeral, including producer Tejnath Jar, brother of SD Narang.

There were injury marks on the body 5 days before death
After the death of Vimi, BR Chopra had revealed in an interview that 5 days before the death, Vimi had come to apologize to him. Vimi was very drunk and his body smelled of cheap liquor. When he looked, he saw that there are deep injury marks on Vimi’s hand and body. Vimi was looking very upset at that time.

death was more comforting than life
Vimi’s close friend Krishna described Vimi’s death as a pain reliever for him. He said that death was many times better for him than the painful condition in which Vimi lived.

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