Welcomed thousands of supporters with folded hands, thanked everyone for the victory | Said- This victory is also accountability, we have to maintain our senses with enthusiasm; Gulaal was blown off the stage, also danced to saffron songs

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After a big victory in UP, Yogi Adityanath reached the BJP headquarters in Lucknow in the evening. He was welcomed here by a crowd of thousands of supporters. Yogi also greeted the supporters by shaking their hands. He threw abir-roses on the supporters from the stage and played Holi. Had sweets too. Along with Yogi, all the big leaders including Keshav Maurya, Satish Mahana, Swatantra Dev Singh, Sunil Bansal, Brijesh Pathak were on the stage. Everyone’s faces were seen in the color of gulal. During this, everyone started dancing on the song ‘Jo Ram Ko Laye Hai…’. Yogi was also seen shaking.

This victory is special for Yogi. He contested the legislative election for the first time. He won from Gorakhpur Sadar by more than one lakh votes. At the same time, BJP had contested the elections in UP on Yogi’s face too. In such a situation, the credit for the big victory is also being given to him.

Keshav Maurya fed sweets to CM Yogi.

Keshav fed sweets, Swatantra Dev praised Yogi

Keshav Maurya honored Yogi by wearing a shawl on the stage built at the BJP headquarters. After this Sanjay Nishad fed him sweets. During this, Yogi openly played Holi by blowing gulal to the supporters. During this, Yogi also greeted the supporters by shaking hands. During this, those who have brought Ram on the stage. The songs of Hum Us Lao Hain have been playing.

Swatantra Dev Singh said that Yogi ji has accomplished his hard work. Has helped the poor. Therefore, people have given him victory once. Worked in double engine government for the welfare of the poor. Yogi first raised the slogan of Bharat Mata on the stage. After this, he said that under the leadership of PM Modi, BJP is going to form a thumping majority government in UP, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa. People have blessed this good governance of Modi ji.

CM Yogi addressing supporters at BJP headquarters.

CM Yogi addressing supporters at BJP headquarters.

Yogi said – do not lose consciousness in passion
During this, Yogi said, UP is the largest state in the country by population. Therefore, the eyes of the country and the world were in UP. Today BJP and its allies have registered victory with a thumping majority. I thank the people of UP for this majority. I congratulate all the workers whose hard work has given the opportunity to BJP along with its allies to form the government with such a thumping majority.

For the first time in seven phases, the UP elections have been conducted peacefully. Apart from this, the misleading propaganda was being spread about the counting of votes. People have ignored him. Congratulations to all of you. Thanks also to the Election Commission. Apart from this, thanked the officers and employees associated with the police and the election process. We are grateful to PM K. Who gave full time to UP. as well as for good governance. CM Yogi said that we do not have to lose our senses in enthusiasm.

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Referring to the Good Governance Model: This thumping majority is the blessing of 25 crore people of UP to the model of nationalism, development and good governance. Accepting this, we will work according to the expectations of the people. Will carry forward You must have seen that the double engine government of BJP created an atmosphere of security continuously for 5 years. The work done to give respect to the faith. the development programmes. Implemented effective welfare schemes for the poor.

People gave up dynasty politics: People have given a thumping majority to the BJP, giving up the politics of familyism, casteism and dynasty. Even in Corona, BJP workers worked tirelessly, without stopping. Every worker deserves this victory. The results of the work we did in 5 years are in front of everyone today. Providing electricity connection to one crore 45 lakh houses in UP. Providing ration.

We fought on three fronts: When we were fighting against Corona, Corruption and dishonesty, then they were working as a conspiracy against BJP. The public has once again done the work of stopping his speaking by teaching him a lesson. The majority given by the people on the issue of nationalism, good governance and development. It is our responsibility to fulfill it.

History made by women: Towards the election we have seen that half the population. Mothers, sisters who have given a thumping majority to the BJP. Because of that BJP is going to make history. This victory gives a new indication of accountability. To maintain the senses with enthusiasm. Even more strongly, it has to be proved again according to the aspirations of the common people.

Speech concluding with Jai Shri Ram Jaighosh: Under the guidance of PM Modi, UP will become the number one state of the country. We will discharge our responsibility for all 25 crore people. The speech ended with the slogan Jai-Jai Shri Ram.

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