Went to fill water at the government handpump, three women injured due to sticks. Went to fill water at government hand pump, three women injured due to sticks

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In Dhumai village of Saini Kotwali in Kaushambi, on Thursday morning, two sides of women clashed over water filling. When the dispute escalated, sticks and sticks started running between the two sides. In the incident of assault, 3 women from both the sides got minor injuries. The video of the incident was made viral on social media by unknown villagers from mobile. Taking cognizance of the viral video, the Kotwali police has started legal proceedings after taking a complaint from the victim’s side.

First I first… the fight happened in the affair

Ramesh and his family live in Dhumai village of Saini Kotwali. Ramesh is a daily wage laborer by profession. He started getting ready to go to work in the morning. Ramesh’s wife Anita and daughter Sonam went to the government hand pump in the village to get water. It is being told that there was more crowd at the hand pump. In order to fill the water first, Anita put her bucket on the tap. Due to which there was a dispute with Savita’s wife Gulab and other women of the family. Seeing the debate turned into a fight.

Police is taking action in the matter

Sticks and sticks went fiercely among the women. In which 3 women from both the sides were injured. The video of the fight between the women was made by someone from the mobile. The video went viral on social media on Thursday evening. On the basis of the viral video, the police has started legal action by taking Tahrir from the victim’s side Anita Devi.

CO Dr. KG Singh said, a video of a fight between women in Dhumai village has come to notice. Taking action by the Kotwali police, women from both the sides have been brought to the police station. Legal action is being taken after taking the complaint.

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