Wept bitterly while hugging relatives, said – still many of my friends are trapped there | Wept bitterly while hugging relatives, said – still many of my friends are trapped there

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There is a war going on between Ukraine and Russia. Where a medical student resident of Akhlok Nagar of Gangaghat area was trapped in the middle of the war for several days. After a lot of struggle, she reached Mumbai airport on Friday afternoon by flight. Which he informed his family members. Hearing this, there was a wave of happiness in the family. Late night she reached Lucknow by plane. Where he embraced seeing his family members already present. Bring the family home with you to Jajmau at 2 pm.

Medical student Yasmin’s father told that the daughter had left for Mumbai by flight from Hungary airport. She reached Mumbai last afternoon at around two o’clock. He gave information over the phone. Due to which all the members of the family rejoiced with joy. When the relatives came to know about it, they too had no place for happiness. According to Dr. Naseem Ahmed, the flight from Hungary was to reach Delhi. That’s why he reached Delhi to take his daughter. For some reason the flight reached Mumbai. Late in the night he will also reach Lucknow Amausi Airport.

late night student reached home

On the other hand, information has been received about the daughter’s arrival in Lucknow. He told that his happiness knew no bounds when his daughter came back safely. Dr. Naseem Ahmed and his wife Arshiya reached Lucknow with their daughter Aiman ​​on the information of the daughter’s arrival in Lucknow. Where the flight from Mumbai reached Lucknow Amausi Airport at around 9:30 pm. When Yasmin saw her parents and family members at the airport, she ran and hugged them. When the daughter returned safely, the eyes of the parents lit up. After which the family left Amausi airport for late night with the daughter and praised the Mission Ganga campaign being run by the Government of India. Yasmin said that many of my companions are still trapped, we want them to come back soon.

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