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What is An iPhone Finger? Do You Have One? Watch Video to Find Out – News18

What exactly is an “iPhone finger”? Well, if you’re seeking answers, Google won’t be of much assistance yet, as this fresh concept hasn’t made its way into the search engine’s database. (as at the time of writing the article). But fear not, we’re here to shed some light. ‘iPhone finger’ is not just about fingerprints used for unlocking or authorising purchases; it’s also about your posture—specifically, your finger’s posture.

In a recent revelation, dubbed the iOS-inspired conspiracy, “The TJ Show” delved into the phenomenon of the iPhone finger. “The way we hold our phones sometimes with the weight of the phone resting on your pinky finger,” explained one of the hosts. So, imagine yourself holding your iPhone in such a manner; that pressure creates a distinct dent, hence the term “iPhone finger.” This revelation sparked a discussion about how this indentation can actually alter the appearance of your pinky.

But is this real? According to the show host, it is indeed.

Now, how do you know if you have an iPhone finger?

To ascertain whether one possesses this curious trait, one must conduct a simple examination: hold out both pinkies and compare them. If a noticeable discrepancy is observed, particularly a significant indent on the dominant hand, likely from iPhone usage, then the diagnosis of “iPhone finger” is confirmed.

The hosts of the show underwent this diagnostic process themselves and were astonished to find matching indents on their respective pinkies, leading them to declare themselves members of the “iPhone finger” fraternity.

How is the internet reacting to it?

After the video was posted, it quickly amassed over five million views on Instagram, sparking a flurry of reactions in the comments section. Some users took a light-hearted approach, joking about the name being tied to a specific smartphone brand.

“Why iPhone finger and not just phone finger?” one commenter pondered.

“I got Samsung finger,” quipped another. “I have an android finger,” chimed in a third.

However, not everyone was convinced of the phenomenon’s reality. Some commenters claimed that their pinkies had indents long before smartphones entered their lives.

“Can y’all stop? This is not true. Your pinky fits next to your ring finger. It’s not bent,” one comment read.

Another commenter offered a solution, suggesting, “I shouldn’t worry about it. When we used to write with pens, those of us who used a pen a lot would get an indentation on our middle finger. But I haven’t written anything a lot in years and the indentation has gone. So if you’re bothered, stop resting your phone like that. Your finger will go back to normal.”

Is ‘iPhone finger’ a legit phenomenon?

As for the legitimacy of the iPhone finger, Andrew Bracken, an occupational therapist in Utah, explained to Fox affiliate KSTU that while the indent on the pinky may be real, “iPhone finger” or “smartphone pinky” is not an official medical diagnosis.

“It’s not an official medical diagnosis,” Bracken clarified. “You’re using your pinky to stabilise and support your smartphone, and you literally indent the side of your pinky from holding your phone.”

Fortunately, it seems to be a temporary issue, as doctors have stated that cell phones are not heavy enough to impede blood flow or damage nerves.

“Most of these images [of indents or gaps] don’t highlight a problem. They show typical pinky anatomy, which can vary widely,” noted Dr. Peter Evans, an orthopaedic surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic, as reported by the New York Post.

So, whether you deem it a concern or not, perhaps it’s a reminder not to burden a single finger with all the weight—especially when it’s just a little one!

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