What is Ceylon cinnamon and why is it beneficial for you | The Times of India

Ceylon cinnamon- This cinnamon variant has a light brown colour and is also known as โ€˜true cinnamonโ€™. It has a quill-like shape and is very easy to break. It has multiple inward rolls, which is why it can be easily identified. Ceylon cinnamon contains very less amounts of coumarin, a natural plant chemical that can cause liver damage.

Cassia cinnamon- This cinnamon variant is darker in colour and has a strong aroma and flavour. Just a bit of Cassia cinnamon is enough to spruce up your dish. It has a hard texture and has just a single inward roll. Cassia cinnamon has large amounts of coumarin, which can affect the liver if consumed regularly and in large amounts. On the other hand, coumarin also helps in blood thinning which is helpful for people taking hepatotoxic medications.


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