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What is ‘SSFE’? Several diseases will stay away if you decode this fitness mantra

What is ‘SSFE’? Several diseases will stay away if you decode this fitness mantra

Image Source : FREEPIK Know what is SSFE, the new fitness mantra.

Now the time has come to take steps towards improving our diet first. From WHO to many doctors, the main reason for most diseases is our bad lifestyle. A bad lifestyle does not only include our food, it also includes sleep, physical activity and stress levels. These four things together cause most of the diseases in the body. If you want to stay away from diseases, then you need to decode the biggest mantra of fitness ‘SSFE’. This will keep you away from diseases and the body will remain healthy. Know what is this ‘SSFE’?

The biggest mantra of fitness

S for Sleep- According to health experts, sleep plays an important role in your fitness. If you want to stay away from diseases, then improve your sleep pattern. Make it a habit to sleep and wake up on time. Take at least 7-8 hours of deep and full sleep at night. By getting good sleep, more than half of the diseases will stay away from you.

S for Stress-Free- Nowadays, the reason behind most diseases is increasing stress. When you are under stress, the balance of hormones in the body gets disturbed. In such a situation, many types of changes come in the body which cause diseases. From hair fall to dark circles under the eyes and lack of sleep, all are caused by increasing stress. So try to make life stress-free. Stress can be relieved by yoga.

F for Food- WHO has alerted people about bad diets. More than 200 diseases are caused by unhealthy food and water. These include many dangerous diseases from diabetes to cancer. So first of all change your diet. Avoid taking more carbs. Do not eat junk food, processed food, or packed food. Eat fresh homemade food and consume more fruits and vegetables.

E for Exercise- Exercise is the biggest key to fitness. Whatever happens, take out 40 minutes to 1 hour every day for your fitness. Many times the mind gives excuses for this, but it needs to be made a part of your daily routine. Do anything like walk, exercise or do yoga. This keeps both the body and mind healthy. It is most important to remain physically active.

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