What We Know About Gangster Atiq Ahmed’s Killers

The men shot Atiq Ahmed from point blank range.

Three men have been arrested for the sensational murder of Uttar Pradesh gangster Atiq Ahmed and his brother while being escorted by the police late Saturday.

Here’s what we know about Atiq Ahmed’s killers:

  1. The three attackers came posing as journalists and shot Ahmed and his brother Ashraf at point-blank range while they were speaking to reporters in Prayagraj.

  2. The incident took place around 10 pm and was caught on camera as journalists were following the handcuffed men, who were being taken to the hospital by police for a medical check-up.

  3. The killers were immediately overpowered and caught by the police after they shot Ahmed and his brother.

  4. The police have not disclosed the identity of the shooters yet.

  5. The men shouted slogans of “Jai Shri Ram” after killing Ahmed.

  6. Ten empty cartridges have been found at the spot, indicating the number of shots fired.

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