What will be the impact of AIIMS report on CBI investigation in Sushant Singh Rajput case? Is the Theory of Murder completely rejected? Know what former CBI officials say

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21 minutes agoAuthor: Ravindra Bhajani

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The mystery of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death is also becoming a sensational suspense thriller. Sushant’s family lawyer claims that AIIMS doctors told him something and are telling something in the media. Actually, the controversy started with the statement of Dr. Sudhir Gupta, head of the panel of doctors of AIIMS, who is saying that Sushant has committed suicide, he was not killed.

Has AIIMS doctor’s statement completely rejected the theory of murder? What does this report mean? Has the CBI investigation gone dead-end? To understand the answer to these questions, we spoke to former senior law officer of CBI in Delhi, VK Sharma and former senior SP Mukesh Sahni. He says that the CBI is the premier investigative agency of our country. Its investigation is in its place and the alleged report of AIIMS in its place.

What does AIIMS report say in Sushant case?

  • The team of seven AIIMS doctors re-examined Sushant Singh Rajput’s post-mortem, Visra report. The head of this team, Dr. Sudhir Gupta, said that all the seven members of the team believe that Sushant’s death is suicide, not murder.
  • This team was formed on 22 August. When the AIIMS team reached Mumbai, they did not have access to the pictures of the crime scene. Initially, the hospital in Mumbai did not co-operate and the investigation began in September. The AIIMS team spoke to doctors at Cooper Hospital in Mumbai, who did the PM.
  • AIIMS doctors submitted their report to CBI on 29 September. This report was also similar to the report of Cooper Hospital, which considered Sushant’s death not suicide but suicide. By the way, the CBI’s FIR was lodged to investigate the charges of abetment of murder.
  • Sushant’s family lawyer Vikas Singh claims that it was Dr. Gupta who told him that Sushant was 200 percent strangled to death. How the report which has not yet been given to Sushant’s family was leaked to the media. He objected to that attitude of AIIMS.

… then will the CBI investigation end?

  • According to Sharma, a senior CBI senior law officer, according to section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act, the expert’s opinion is relevant. He can be accepted in court. But the Supreme Court’s Judgment Law says that expert opinion can be used only for the purpose of being corroborative.
  • He says that the Expert Opinion can help prove if the investigating agency has any evidence. Sushant was found hanging in this case. Whether he did it himself or was killed by someone, a doctor’s advice would be important.
  • The retired law officer says that the post mortem is done to find out the cause of death and the examination of viscera to know the presence of poison. In this case also, the doctor can tell the cause of death, can not tell whether there is murder or not. The rest of the work is with the CBI, it has to be done.

Will the AIIMS report have any impact on the investigation?

  • Mukesh Sahni, former CBI SSP, says the scope of the investigation is huge. What evidence the investigation team has collected will depend on which direction the investigation will proceed. The AIIMS report is a supporting document, no more important in the investigation.
  • On this, Senior Advocate Sharma says that if there is any contradiction between Opinion Evidence and Direct Evidence of a doctor, then the Court gives importance to Direct Evidence and not Opinion Evidence.
  • How will the statements of AIIMS doctors affect the case? On this, former officials say that the CBI investigation is going on. In such a situation, any rhetoric can affect the investigation. Let the investigating agency do its work, it is more important.

It took too long for CBI to get the case, crime spot must have been disturbed?

  • This possibility cannot be ruled out. This will affect the investigation. However, it is worth noting that the Mumbai Police conducted the investigation by accepting the suicide. If a case was registered as a murder, the crime spot would not be disturbed.
  • A former CBI official said that if the room was sealed and something was done by breaking it, it would be considered to spoil the evidences. It could be considered circumscribed evidences. But if there was no case, it would be very difficult for the CBI to prove the evidence tampered with.

What is the future of CBI investigation?

  • It is necessary to understand that suicide is not a crime. To provoke suicide is definitely a crime. Three things are seen in it – 1. Did someone incite him to do this, 2. Did anyone help him in this, 3. Is there any kind of conspiracy for this?
  • He knows only what the CBI has collected in the investigation so far. But, it is certain that the investigation in this case will depend entirely on the evidence it has received. On that basis, something can be said that Riya Chakravarty and her family instigated Sushant for suicide.
  • CBI has three options. If she comes to evidence, she will file a chargesheet. If evidence is not found and there is apprehension, it will file an untressed report. Saying that a crime has happened but who did it, cannot prove it. The third option is the closure report that does not need to increase the investigation in the case, it was a suicide case.


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