WhatsApp Is Reminding You That There’s A Payments Feature Within The App

WhatsApp is bringing several new features for mobile users as well.

WhatsApp payments feature has been there since a while but has failed to gain popularity so far.

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  • Last Updated:February 18, 2022, 14:54 IST

Meta-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp has had WhatsApp Payment as a feature since a while. However, it has not proved to be as popular as WhatsApp may have hoped and WhatsApp Payments is nowhere near the apps it aimed to compete with – the likes of Google Pay, Paytm, and more. WhatsApp had earlier announced a referral bonus of Rs 51 for people to make their first payment, and now the company is doing something else to divert people’s attention towards the feature.

WhatsApp is now alerting people with a Status about the payments feature. The status basically reminds people about the payments feature being available on the app. The status is divided into three stories, saying that users can either scan a UPI QR code to make payments on shops, and pay their contacts using the payment option next to attachments within the chat. “Introducing payments on WhatsApp,” the first part of the story says.

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WhatsApp users can make payments by either scanning any QR code from the app homescreen or going to a chat, and clicking the rupee symbol to pay their contacts.

WhatsApp last year was found to be testing a feature that will allow users to get Rs 51 cashback on referrals. When a user signs up to WhatsApp payment using a friend’s referral link, they will get a Rs 51 cashback. The Rs 51 cashback was only available for users on Android, but the feature was only available in beta. Users will get a guaranteed cashback of Rs 51 up to five times by sending money to different contacts. WhatsApp has not set a limit on the amount that users will need to transfer for this cashback. So basically, a user can send Re 1 and get Rs 51 back. The Rs 51 is immediately credited to your account once you make the payment.

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