When the father imposed restrictions on love, he along with friends cut him with an ax | Used to talk to sister’s sister-in-law on phone, when father banned, then along with friends cut him with an ax

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Accused in police custody.

In Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh, a son became the murderer of his father in the quest to find love. Saini Kotwali police arrested the murderer’s son and his friends and disclosed the Jayaprakash murder case on Wednesday. The police have recovered the murdered ax on the behest of the murderer’s son.

The body of Jai Prakash was found on the morning of 15 May outside Bhadehari village of Saini Kotwali area. Police started investigation by registering a case against unknown on the complaint of Jayaprakash’s wife. The police started interrogation by taking Jaiprakash’s 21-year-old son Sandeep into custody on the basis of suspicion. On being asked strictly, Sandeep confessed to the murder of his father.

dead body was thrown near the canal
Sandeep told in the statement given to the police that he along with his friends Pankaj, Moolchandra, Shravan killed father Jayaprakash with an ax. Fearing to be caught, the four together threw the dead body near the canal outside the village.

Was prevented from talking to sister’s sister-in-law
Sandeep Kumar told that sister Gyanati’s love affair with sister-in-law Sushma was going on for several months. He used to talk to her secretly at night. This was disliked by father Jayaprakash. which he opposed. Not only this, they used to beat him also. He said that he would not make any girl of kinship his daughter-in-law.

was caught talking on the phone
Sandeep told the police, on the night of the incident, all the people of the house slept after having food. He was talking to his girlfriend on the phone. The father caught him red handed. He reprimanded her a lot. When the father asked Sandeep to go with him to go to the toilet in the night, he got along. Near the canal, he killed his father with an ax from behind.

Police caught through informer
ASP Samar Bahadur said that by registering a case against the unknown, the investigation started. During the investigation, the Saini police got information through informer Khas that Jayaprakash’s murderer could be his own close friend. During interrogation, the son of the deceased, Sandeep, has confessed to the murder along with his friends.

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