Where did KGMU’s Prof Suryakant protect from both monkeypox and corona with mask and physical distance? Lucknow – Festival Season High Risk of Monkeypox & Corona – KGMU’s Prof Suryakant – mask and physical distance will protect against both monkeypox and corona

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  • Lucknow Festival Season High Risk Of Monkeypox & Corona KGMU’s Prof Suryakant Mask And Physical Distance Will Protect Against Both Monkeypox And Corona

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KGMU’s Prof. Suryakant has instructed to be very cautious in the coming festive season in view of the increasing threat of monkeypox and corona.

With the festive season approaching, the threat of monkeypox and corona has started deepening in UP. Meanwhile, experts are also constantly warning people about both these viruses.

According to Dr. Suryakant, senior doctor of KGMU, there is a need to be very careful for the next one month. Even the slightest carelessness can turn out to be heavy. This time there is a need to be more alert than last 2 years.

Along with Corona, now the threat of monkeypox is also looming. This is the reason why everyone has to take precaution. Monkeypox can also be avoided by following the protocols that were followed to avoid corona.

Why Monkeypox will be heavy due to negligence

Dr. Suryakant, chairman of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of KGMU i.e. King George’s Medical University, says that monkeypox is a viral disease with severe symptoms. A major symptom of monkeypox is a rash or large rash on the body. Along with this, symptoms like swelling or pain in the lymph node, fever and headache can be seen.

How is monkeypox spread?

Human-to-human transmission is transmitted through prolonged close contact with the patient, direct contact with the patient’s wounds, or through the use of clothing or bedding from an infected person.

The infection can also spread through the bite or scratch of animals in the infection area such as monkeys, squirrels, rats, etc. In view of this, WHO i.e. World Health Organization has declared monkeypox as a global health emergency, while the Government of India has also issued an advisory.

Time Take booster dose of corona vaccination from

Dr. Suryakant, the nodal officer of UP Kovid Vaccination, says that due to timely administration of every necessary dose of Kovid vaccine, corona cannot take a serious form, but people can definitely fall prey to it due to carelessness.

Along with the Kovid vaccination, it is very important for everyone to maintain all the necessary protocols in their practice right now. Many festivals are also going to come here, so do not forget to follow all the necessary protocols completely even on festivals.

take care This caution-

  • If rash or rash is seen on the body along with fever, head and body pain, isolate the patient in a separate room.
  • Use a separate bathroom or clean thoroughly after each use
  • Wash hands with soap and water after touching the patient’s utensils, sheets etc.
  • Clean surfaces thoroughly with disinfectant – use separate utensils, towels and bedding
  • keep windows open for ventilation
  • maintain proper physical distance from others
  • cover the body rash or wound with cloth or bandages
  • Wear a well-fitting triple layer mask mask

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